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HIAB South Wales

Vandamme lift is a specialist lorry loader company equipped with a state of the art Fassi 710 lorry loader crane.

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Fassi 710 Crane

The powerful Fassi 710 Crane can lift up to 16 Tonne with ease

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Our team at Vandamme Lift are available 24/7 to respond to queries

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The Vandamme Lorry has one of the biggest cranes in the nation

HIAB South Wales

Vandamme Lift Newport

Vandamme lift has a state of the art Scania G450 equipped with a Fassi 710 2.26 dynamic. We have an extendable bed capable of carrying a 30ft container. Our payload is 9.8T. With a trailer we can utilise max GVW of 44000kg. Safety is our priority and out crane is one of the safest cranes money can buy.

We also have a ford transit dropside flatbed, five pick up trucks and trailers so have great transporting capabilities

Our drivers are fully ALLMI certified and fully qualified electro-mechanical engineers, allowing them to provide solutions to the most complex applications. From generators to special purpose machines and beyond. We can lift it, move it and position it.

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One of the Biggest Lorry Crane in the UK

Scania G450 Equipped with a Fassi 710 2.26 Crane

The Vandamme lift is capable, safe and professional. Vandamme lift has the capability to lift 3.3T at 16 meters. We have multiple drivers meaning driving hours often isn't a barrier for Vandamme lift allowing us to offer 24/7 service.

The Vandamme Lift is operated by the Newport based company Johnson & Phillips and is available for hire across South Wales and beyond.

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Want to Hire Us? We are available 24/7 across South Wales and Beyond!

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Lorry and Driver

With Vandamme Lift, you not only get a fully kitted out lorry but also a qualified driver to get the job done efficiently and safely.

In terms of what you get from the HIAB Hire, the Vandamme Lorry is a Scania G450 equipped with a Fassi 710 2.26 dynamic. If your job requires more than the lorry, we also have a Ford Transit dropside flatbed, five pick up trucks and trailers to get the job done.

Why Vandamme Lift?

Dedicated Team & Fully Kitted Out Lorry

Vandamme lift not only offers the services of our fully kitted out lorry loader but we have a fleet of pick up trucks with trailers and a transit flatbed capable of transporting around the country.

Vandamme has an office based support team and can provide all relevant documentation such as driver CSCS cards, maintenance documents, testing certificates and lifting method statements.

Vandamme is unique in that we have rotational drivers so we can travel 24 hours a day to get a job done – even in the middle of the night!

Vandamme responds in minimal time 24/7 365. Our out of hours line goes straight through to our drivers’ phones ensuring good customer service and response.



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